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  • shortinfygetrich shortinfygetrich Mar 11, 2008 12:59 AM Flag

    H1B guys actually create jobs in US!!

    and from ashtech correspondent

    But ask the typical American IT worker about
    his/her work life, and words like unemployment, depression,
    anxiety, "apply to 6,000 jobs", "3 hour commute" and
    "60-hour-workweek", come tumbling out from the get go.

    Toni Chester, a Sr. Lotus Notes/Domino Developer and a single
    parent, based out of Bloomsbury, New Jersey says, "I am outraged
    that outsourcing and H1B visa holders are taking jobs away from
    Americans. I was displaced by a guest worker in August 2001. I
    have been frequently unemployed since, working super short term
    contracts where no benefits were given, worked assignments where
    the end result is off-shore outsourcing to India, and in fact, I
    am told that my current assignment will be outsourced to India
    in December, 2008. Many times I have not been able to pay my
    bills. Before 2001, attractive, long term contracts that offered
    challenge, job growth, high compensation, benefits, mental
    stimulation, skill enhancement were available to me. Now they've
    all vanished! I have a degree in Applied Mathematics and a
    Bachelor of Science degree in Statistics; my work history is
    spotless, and yet, I am unable to find a full time job today!"

    Anthony Bravos, a software consultant unemployed for the last
    two years, living in Woodstock, IL, says, "Outsourcing and cheap
    foreign labor on H-1B visas have flooded the employment market
    with virtually millions of young & cheap workers, putting middle
    aged Americans out of work. Outsourcing works in conjunction
    with H1B visas to facilitate age discrimination in America."
    Bravos says American universities are among the best in the
    world, attracting a dizzying amount of students from around the
    world each year. "Gates has stated he wants to see a visa
    stapled to every foreign student's diploma. But what about the
    American students? Where should they go? America is the only
    country that put man on the moon, on the strength of American
    programmers and engineers. Gates wants cheap, foreign labor, who
    is eager to follow commands, doesn't ask questions, doesn't
    demand benefits, and higher salaries based on experience." Kim
    Berry of , says he has been monitoring
    over 3,000 resumes belonging to well qualified American IT
    workers, being sent to Microsoft, and not a single one has
    received even an interview call!

    >From California to Pennsylvania, Florida to Washington, IT
    workers have near identical stories of unemployment, low pay, no
    benefits, long commute hours and how they are teaching their
    children to not consider majoring in IT. Another common
    sentiment? "America's humiliation. Our country is being stripped
    of it's capabilities to compete globally," says Bob Garrett, an
    ERP Data Warehousing implementation consultant, in Philadephia.
    A lot of IT workers share the sentiment that the American IT
    worker is being shamelessly nickel and dimed at ferocious speeds
    countrywide. Chester says she has been forced to hoard money to
    ride her through the next, inevitable unemployment cycle. This
    gives her anxiety, and hence, she says she has been forced to
    take any and all contract job
    opportunities that come her way,
    often times making her commute a 2 hour drive each way. "I can
    not even see my son on many days, he's asleep when I get in and
    I leave before he wakes up. And remember, I am a single parent,"
    she says.

    Be a good guy short and rat these coliers
    sourcers out of existance.

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