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  • shortinfygetrich shortinfygetrich Mar 26, 2008 11:41 AM Flag

    Just Fantastic News to make desis PROUD!

    Both brands have long and lousy reps for quality,
    so selling it to coliers that also have a rep for
    lousy quality kanda makes sense. Ford gets $$ to
    invest in high mileage cars using cutting edge materials and plug in hybrids and coliers gets a bunch of low mileage crappy cars. I guess if you
    live in the past millenium or 2 then that dot on your head pevents you from seeing that oil is $104/bbl gas is $1-$2/liter so the market for these
    cars is limited.

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    • You keep playing your broken record again & again. As you (probably) know (but won't accept) that Governer of Louisiana is an Indian, top three wealthiest people in the world are Indians, Indians in US are the highest paid ethenic group, average income of an Indian in the US is higher than that of a regular White American, all the Whites who work in Citibank...their soul beongs to Jesus but their ass belongs to an Indian, same goes for those Whites who work for this case their ass belongs to an Indian lady, the richest person in UK (land of the Whites) is an you still want me to say more. Looks like fraudlent visas, "curry smelling" Coolie habits,uneducated and underpewrforming Colies, etc. etc. is doing great for the Indians.....and the bottom line is...This is all that matters. Now let's talk about Jaguar....Your idiot Whites who ran FORD had no clue as to what in the world they were doing or for that matter what the hell they are doing now.They keep building F-130s with 12-13 mpg effeciency. They could not handle or improve Jaguar. Soooooooo, they had to cut losses and sell it dirt cheap. The fact is WHITE MANAGEMNET in the US sucks and surely in a few years they will be sucking Indian dicks. My friend, God Bless You...Hope you can do better with your life instead of crying the same crap on this board every day. If you can't beat them, join them..............

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      • I own this stock.
        I like Indians.
        I am an American.
        I think that it was about time India came to the game.
        It makes me feel good to see the Indian finally moving away from that failed experiment in human suffering "socialism" and getting their birth right "some prosperity".

        We all get richer if Indians are productive participants in the world economy (see Adam Smith)

        As for the white American question, we are the richest and most technologically advance country on Earth.

        Indian has a temporary growth advantage in that we have already paid the price for R&D that created the technology that they are currently using to grow out of poverty (this is a good thing). But when they appoach some type of equivalency, it will get harder to maintain the current growth rates. (see Japan's history, "I love my sony").

        If an Indian is poor an uneducated, there is no possibility that he will enrich my life or I his (again see Adam Smith).

        I welcome India to the game with open arms, but they need to do more in deregulating their economy or there will be set-backs.

        I am myself thinking of hiring an Indian (in India) to work for me. I like the Idea of having an MBA as my assistant for $1200 a month. I will just be more productive.

        The US is at 4.8% (see phillips curve) un-employment, to grow we need Indians.

        So I like Indians and I like this company.

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