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  • shortinfygetrich shortinfygetrich Jul 22, 2008 5:27 PM Flag

    IBM @ 52 week high

    Don't worry getting 3 figures /hr cleaning up
    the messes that the co-liers made.

    As Lou Dobbs has reported 80+% of the imported
    co-liers are at the bottom of the skills level.
    They are here for one reason and that is to
    drive down wages as in...

    As you asked the gov't is going after the
    corrupt lawyers that helped the visa fraud
    along. It won't be to long before they come
    for the co-liers that commited the fraud
    and they will rat out their criminal clients.

    It begs the question if they were
    that good why didn't they come in on
    investor visas with all the money they
    made in co-liers' land? Cause they're
    a bunch of stinking dumb ass picked
    from a mud hut to insure their co-liers

    Unfortunately I have had the sad experience of dealing with a great many stinking no talent nor
    experience co-liers. Just a small list of dumb ass things they did:

    1) Installed RAC with/out turning on archive mode
    risking corrupt the data base

    2) Completed failed to install RAC told lied to
    client said you had to buy veritas cluster
    when 80%

    3) Failed to use bigfile when creating dw tbs
    so etl jobs would crash on a regular basis

    4) Told dev world staff that asm and em/grid
    control we're untested and that they should
    keep using the 250/hr consultants that were
    offering him a kickback instead of taking
    the free advice out of em and the faster io
    from ASM.

    5) Co-liers so dumb that when shown an
    example of how to setup interval paritions
    and related indexes couldn't figure out that
    all they needed to do was change the table
    name and related indexes.

    6) So stupid when shown the actual rate of
    inserts with timestamps out of the fra
    refused to believe the facts.

    I actually worked with a guy from IIT, he did time for terrorism in Kashmir and didn't know a log name from a lexical, and couldn't even tell you what parameters prevent a cluster communication time out. So much for IIt training.

    If you call making major bank shorting this pig
    from the 50's twice then yeah I'm very confused
    like your homophobic remark. Could it be that
    you're too dumb to understand why you're lossing
    money? Oh no, you have a dot on your head, never
    can be wrong right?

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