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  • eddieguer eddieguer Jul 12, 2009 9:57 AM Flag


    Shortie (or stumpie as your parish priest calls you),

    Aren't you done complaining? Your tribe failed at capitalism and now your black president is bailing you out by outlawing the H1-B program and anything that hurts your tribe. I actually LOVE the GOP. They were the best thing that ever happened for Indians. The GOP played it smart - they were always pro-white in word so they could get elected, but in deed they always followed the money. I'm not worried because Republicans will be back soon.

    Indians and Chinese have been practicing capitalism for well over 2000 years. In most of those 2000 years they were very prosperous. whites have only been practicing capitalism for 200 years and they failed miserably. Without the cheap credit financed by Chinese and Indians and other Asians, your tribe can't function. Without the bailout, you'd be third-world as well.

    You want a pure white country? Here's some examples:

    1. Iceland - a lesbian prime minister, a socialist country, recently bankrupted, 20% alcoholism rate, 60% out of wedlock births.

    2. Denmark, Sweden - All socialist, lagging economic growth, etc. Excellent lifestyle, clean country but at a cost...

    3. UK, France, Germany do have capitalism but a large component of socialism.

    Notice the pattern is socialism.

    So, you see shortie, don't you worry. you'll soon have your socialist paradise and all the job protections so you can still have that huge credit card debt and not have to worry about lower priced competition.

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    • Gee nordic nations have the best living standards in the world those in the beggar, cheater and lying world among the lowest. I know that dot on your head prevents you from understanding anything outside the colier influence but we like the rest of western civilization from the medci's inventition of modern banking in 1300's to the digital world
      vs. the corrupt flithy desease filled corruption and polution hell hole that
      is chinda.

      As customers now have lower cost options and assians have dumped crud
      on them, the need to use them is disappearing.

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