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  • truladivento truladivento Aug 27, 2011 8:10 AM Flag

    INFY News - "[$$] India Shares Tumble"

    Interesting coverage of INFY: "[$$] India Shares Tumble" -

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    • The poor Injuns kepp asking me how to get a share of the pie. The smart ones have realised the pie is made of two parts; the visible and the invisible black. The smart ones get a share of both keeping clear of the law. The dumb ones have seen their income grossly reduced due to inflation.

      The A.H anti corruption movement will not affect corruption. It will instead now generate a further class of pie grabbers, the Judiciary who will be brought in to defend rights of those accused ofcorruption. Corruption is not new. Vedic people have successhully used it for centuries in many forms inclding the enforced cast system.

      The proposed Ombudsman is a waste of every ones time because as long as shortages exists demand will lead to corrupt ways of acquiring the goods/services.

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