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  • aaisaiahaubrey aaisaiahaubrey Oct 28, 2011 1:05 PM Flag

    Realistic two year target on INFY

    Realistic two year target on INFY

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    • Do you want arget in Rupee's, dollar or Euro's.

      With the upcoming demise of the Euro I expect outsourcing to suffer.

      How long can the masses in India afford 54 rupees/dollar.

      When all is said and done I expect INFY to retreat. Lets face it this OWS movement is not for outsourcing, with Walmart getting it's nuts kicked in don't expect same ole from Obama after 2012. Obama will have super majority in Congress too.

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      • I'd say $10/share. The phoney trading system coalapse
        is increasing. They helped cause the Euro meltdown
        espically Ireland, so they're going to get locked out
        of Europe which will make the west uniformly start
        deporting smellies. Already guys that push the 3rd
        world are getting laughed at and zero in the polls
        like huntsman or the i wish I was a china man.While
        guys like Trump that push big 3rd world taxes have
        every poll coming to get his endorsement.

        Company in Canada proclaims 'our customer service is proudly in Canada' code for you will not have the hassle of wasting your time trying to speak with a filthy smelly hindish speaking west hating obl loving no talent nor experience tech retarding

        Meanwhile back in the land of the long low hanging
        stink they're getting harder and harder to pay for
        imports as foreign investors flee with whatever
        they can take out. Riots in china are happening
        more and more and I can't wait for them to start
        distrupting supply chains. Hell were there now
        over Thi flooding halting disk drive shipments.

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