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  • bobbie_jindal bobbie_jindal Jan 25, 2012 10:28 PM Flag

    Obama bapu says no more outsourcing

    We need Romney to whip that boy. Otherwise, it's over for our brothers and sisters who have RULED this corrupt country. I dare him to touch the H1b and L1 programs.

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    • Rommine's job plan calls for giving green card to any
      foriegner from any degree mill.

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      • That's why we absolutely need to get the GOP in the White House. Obama is trying to please white people by hitting out against outsourcing, but it's not going to work. The US is STILL white majority and once the campaign begins we'll see emails with Obama eating fried chicken and watermelon. The real clincher is to show a white girl holding hands with a real dark skinned black man. Then you need a caption like, "This would never be acceptable until Obama got elected." OR, we need a commercial with a white girl dreaming about being married to the President of the United States. Then pan the camera over to Obama. That image will hand the victory to the GOP. I pray that white people don't vote for Obama!

        We also need to get some magazine covers with a very dark-complexioned Obama. Imagine the thought of the black man sleeping in the White House beds, using the bathrooms, drinking and eating from the silverware, etc.

        Once these images take root, most whites won't give a crap about outsourcing. They'll eat grass and live in boxes just to get the knee-grow out of the White House.

        Once the GOP takes over, we'll have true free market capitalism and many good entry-level jobs for younger Indian kids. Amen to that!

        In any case, it still doesn't matter. The dollar always wins. Even Obama can't really stop globalization and free market capitalism.

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