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  • michigander99999 michigander99999 Jan 29, 2012 6:22 PM Flag

    Now that Obama is trying to outlaw capitalism

    Obama is trying to outlaw outsourcing to get white votes. Since it's now OK to hire higher priced white workers instead of Indians/Chinese who are willing to work for less, does that mean that it's OK to pay blacks more money even if there are whites who will do it for less?

    The HCL hiring scheme seems to smack of communism and against the free-market principles preached by Western societies. This is just a pressure tactic against successful Indian companies. This is just Obama trying to get white votes. The message is "Indians, we know you can do the same work for less money. We don't care. If WE can't succeed in a capitalistic free-market system, the the system MUST be modified. It's not us. It's the SYSTEM." So, Indians, if you don't add cream to the coffee, you're not going to get any business."

    Basically, society now has to subsidize the larger costs assumed by hiring high-cost Anglo Saxons. Does this mean that it's now OK to pay blacks more money even if whites can do the same job for less money? Is my reasoning flawed?

    The sad thing is that many people think this is "fair". So since white workers are getting a break, does this mean that there will be some affirmative action for blacks due to the effects of a very weak recovery?

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    • He maybe going for votes, but the reality is that there isn't
      a need for even one of these filthy smelly no talent nor
      experience coliers.

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      • Thanks for the brilliant analysis Dr. Farrakhan. Or is it the other communist bigot Robert Mugabe? Capitalism is the best system. There are always winners and losers. You shorty just happen to be one of the losers and that's OK. That's how it works.

        I have a simple solution - let the free market decide. If "filthy coliers" are no good that's fine. Then start a business and don't hire any Indians. Technically this business should have record-breaking revenues. All companies should fire all Indians and then they'll all make money right? All the debt will just be washed away...the heavens will open up the clouds will dissipate...and it'll be heaven on earth.

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