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    INFY Project Management Framework

    This company’s project management framework and execution of project component has appeared to enable numerous firms to lower total costs of ownership of IT infrastructure, lower labor costs, improved quality and innovation, faster delivery of technology solutions and offer more flexibility in scheduling. A clear indication on how effective Infosys Technologies business model has been so advantageous to others is most certainly reflected in its own financials. The company does around $6.82 billion in annual revenues with gross profit of $2.54 billion. Cash on hand is $3.72 billion with zero debt. In fact it also is the largest holding of the MSCI India Index ETF (Electronic Traded Fund) making up 10 percent of the fund’s assets.

    Infosys places special emphasis on applying best practices and a sound IT project management approach for all its projects via a core competency framework.

    In the constant changing business landscape and increase usage of distributed systems Infosys recognizes the significance of managing IT from a business perspective by aligning and customizing the needs of individual customers in every industry.

    In a quote recently issued by a Business Technology Manager of a leading global pharmaceuticals company operating from over 100 countries with more than 100,000 staff and a dedicated research team of about 12,000 scientists he stated “"This (Infosys' engagement) was probably the most efficiently managed and executed projects I have ever been a part of. From engagement and scoping to project management, quality, development, testing, and execution, the project was outstanding. I would recommend this project team to anyone running an IT project at our company. All involved should be commended."
    As you can read it’s no wonder Infosys is clearly a leader in project integration management. The organization clearly knows how to align IT projects with strategy with its project management methodologies. This further allows for improved customer perception, organizational benefits from stakeholders, enhanced operational and production efficiency, and business innovation.


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    • Literally every project from the 90's to now that
      had major number of coliers is always a major failure. Let's see the major projects steps
      1. bribe a manager to fire staff with decades of
      2. to be replaced by coliers with no talent nor
      3. that will lie to the visa officer that they have
      skills that the can barely say.
      4. threaten developer staff to teach their replacements that speaking only hindish can't read
      the manuals nor fully understand what the staff is
      5. have the staff do the work that the coliers
      clearly can't do
      6. dumb down the tech environment to what level
      the coliers were forced trained.
      7. greedy failed mgr fires just about all the talent excepts for a couple of staffer that do
      most of the work. They will quit or get a heart
      attack from living deal of 19+ hr days.
      8. Then the party really starts as the coliers
      attempt to do the work where in everything
      stops working and some how the coliers fearing
      an immediate return to the mud hut from where
      they came will start blaming anyone, vendors,
      hey hobo outside the office building, etc to
      cover their mistakes.
      9. About this time the failed manager cashes his
      cost save bonus check and leaves
      10. Company recognizes hiring coliers was a big
      mistake and trys to hire back the staff and
      the better ones tell them to screw off they
      got a better job.

      It will all come out in the trail in Dallas.

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