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  • cynthiacandice cynthiacandice Apr 24, 2012 8:55 PM Flag

    INFY - The present and the future of India

    It's a very rare opportunity for investors to get into INFY at this price. Infosys has got a great infrastructure and a very capable man power. A company that will always be in profit. In situation like this , where its business is temporarily effected , only that can happen is its profits are reduced. This is the situation with every business. The only good side of this situation is to give small investors like us an opportuinity to get the stock at a discounted price.
    If Infosys is not allowed to send people to US, then jobs will be sent to India in the form of out sourcing. Moreover, Infosys has got a great base in Europe and Asia. Not to forget the huge Indian market itself. All these facts of prospects are not hidden from the financial institutions. Even they make use of this kind of situations to get a piece of the pie. Mark this post for future reference and see of yourself.

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    • Whether or not INFY thrives or withers away depends on technology trends and how computing is done in the future.

      India is likely to be one of the most stable, if not THE most stable economy in the world over the next decade. No other country has better skill sets, lack of deficit and debt issues and probability of steady growth than India. I compare India and China to the Tortoise and the Hare. The tortoise always wins in the end.

      India is privatizing while many countries are nationalizing. India will win.

      India has a growing number of highly educated wheras developed countries are losing that and ... so is China with its aging population and forced birth control.

      India has one of the most diverse capitalist mix in the world with the trend increasingly toward capitalists models and away from socialist.

      But, the way to participate is either through ETFs or banks. IFN and IBN are two I like now they are down.

    • 1st the coliersys coliers I worked with had to be trained by developed world staff and lacked the skills to do the job can you say
      visa fraud?

      Gee not if we put the land of the long low hanging stink on the same technology deny list as cuba and N. Korea. They act like enemies they should be treated as enemies.

      Actually we're seeing more re-shoring so the trend will only get better for the developed world.

      A billion beggers does not a market make.
      A simple look at the last 10 yrs shows the
      cheaters only import what they can make and
      as such the developed world as hugh trade
      deficits with these closed mkts that offer
      little for the west.

      The future of the land of the long low hanging stink is take over by Maoists,
      joining up with crapia to threaten peace
      loving western nations.

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