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  • shortinfygetrich shortinfygetrich Apr 30, 2012 12:22 AM Flag

    WSJ "days of mega deals are over"

    Many of the filthy smelly backward coliers are pushing
    the lie that the colier industry is coming back.

    Well the WSJ had an article on Friday how IT is coming
    back to the developed world from the land of the long low hanging stink, over quality and hidden costs. The reality is that this fad as peaked and once coliersys
    losses the court (having dot on head prevents doing the right thing of settling and avoiding the negative blow back) case it will get much worse and firms will not take take the risk of ending up hiring an illegal alien colier.

    Shorts we've already made major bank with lie in essense going bust, a short position in the colier
    sourcers is a key holding like gold.

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    • These jerks are the ones thinking they can short and kill the market/stock but never succeed.
      They typically get paid some pennies by someone for their pumping and dumping (in this case, the jerk gets paid by the message, I suppose, for dumping this stock for now, I don't think he has any short position, people with such guts don't puke constantly on the message boards. well shorty, after reading some of your posts, its so easy calling the bluff). These pigs dont invest or divest in the market, but just write some crap to make cheap pennies. Parasites - they usually get auto cleaned up eventually.

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