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  • shortinfygetrich shortinfygetrich May 6, 2012 8:55 PM Flag

    euro elections gone badly coliersys 39?

    As forecast the Euro eelections went very badly, and there's a broad sell off on the futures. Look to open
    at the recent dow support 12800, but as the minds wake up and see euroland is getting worse close 12700.
    The 3rd world mkts will be hit as their failed development models rely on exports and there will be clears less.

    With the currency of the long low hanging stink falliing to new lows nearly daily as it's banks are nearly involsent and Europe in a big recession analysts will lower their revenue and profit numbers and that will hit the stock and pe. We should see a nice sharp sell off on the body oder mkt with the colier sourcers hit around 3-5%. Should see 39 by

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    • wrong again dummy.
      not going lower anytime soon, if there is action it'll be a rebound, so keep dreaming like you've been doing for years.
      like the way you spelled insolvent though ("banks are nearly involsent").
      looks like someone ckufed you hebind so you are sipped off :-) how about some school time stupid shorty.

      • 2 Replies to scbnewone
      • I guess the stk being lower and going even lower( which made my call to short right and made me $$$$$$) has had you lose face to a western and now you're not getting any back door action from your elephant statue and worrying you might come back as a bug. So you go with what you've been trained lie and hope they'll believe the dotted one as told you to do in the the training class. Cause if you got dot you can never be wrong.

        Well welcome to reality. Shall I play some G&R welcome to the jungle to wash out those dying cats schreaching and help you get that you're not in bang some whore?

      • Fact is my dow call was very close (12750).
        As for a rebound it's still off as we speak
        in the 43's not that far.

        As CSCO confirmed IT spending is slowing most as Euroland breaks apart. Given that
        coliersys chief claim is cut rate smellies
        with no talent nor experience is losing out to one throat to chock and cloud computing. So what is economical is higher tech more experience creativity. This is
        exactly what you don't see coming out of
        bang some whore. As the sector and the colier's land economy chills more unrest
        will play into the moaists' hands. The
        country risks demands a pe no more then 7
        on a placid day.

        We will see 39 very soon, and further new
        lows will follow as it loses the court case in Dallas and the criminal trail starts.

        Good luck to all the courageous shorts for
        standing up against all the colier propaganda.

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