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  • shortinfygetrich shortinfygetrich May 22, 2012 9:03 PM Flag

    colier currency crash = greek style default

    As the shares are priced in the currency of the land of
    the long low hanging stink when the drop to 100 to USD1
    happens it will cause an immediate 50% drop in share
    prices. Also it will pretty much end any hope of a merger as share exchange will be off the table and whatever hard currency will be needed for external trade except for stinky lands BFF iran.

    Shorts a big pay day is just around the corner as it looks like the 55 to USD1 is about to crack big time.
    This will be a major embarshment for the gov't of the
    chief towel head and make laughing stocks of morons like friedman and the rest of the bric promoters.

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