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  • shortinfygetrich shortinfygetrich Jun 3, 2012 6:56 AM Flag

    coliers' land in economic funk

    Yup peps are finally getting it that this bric thing
    is a big investor con job and a completely failed
    development plan designed to make a few corrupt
    commies and top caste members rich at the expense
    of the western world workers.

    Seems the beggars are really taking it on the chin
    with the inflation main maxist bernakie has helped
    dish out. It's like the maoist there don't need
    a marketing budget peps want in by the millions.
    This is not going to end well for the corrupt top
    caste members and their clueless greedy immoral

    Clearly what's needed is a engineered recession
    in the assian cheaters. This will get prices down
    worldwide and force a change in development plans
    to one where being robbed of value by 3rd world
    posers isn't possible. Already lower oil prices have made us safer as there's less money to fund
    jhaidists. Sending the coliers back to their mud
    huts will improve the lot of western world that
    will get the economy growing again, and help
    bring about a recession in the land of the long
    low hanging stink that will bring down the corrupt
    top caste members.

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    • no US money means they become alqeda or taliban. means more mud huts, more poppy growing, more pork but no more OBL their chief smelly colier. Mushy the chor ran away with our US money to England. yes the paki land of smellys jihadis beggars.
      Pres Obama will stop all aid to beggars nation soon.

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      • Gee I know inflation is really bad in the land
        of the long low hanging stink but at least lie
        could afford to buy a pumper that wasn't on dope
        all the time.

        If mainstream media outlines are calling chief towel head's development plan incompetent how much longer before investors lose all confidence like 91?

        It's also clear that we need a nuke free south asia, and if that means containing stinky land to get there oh well.

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