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  • shortinfygetrich shortinfygetrich Jun 9, 2012 3:35 PM Flag

    fdi increasingly flees coliers' land up 3x in 3 yrs

    wake up clueless immoral longs and see that the rats are leaving a sinking stinky ship and you'll be left holding the bag just like lie's shareholders were. Of late the run out of money has gone up 3x what it was only 3 yrs ago.

    As we can see the source of the coming currency and
    balance of payments crisis is the corrupt caste systems' bribes er uncertainty over regulation as in.

    Bernie must be kicking himself in the backside in that NC fed prison "why didn't I scam the media types , when the media is scaming the public on investing in brics when those that have been taken in billions and chief towel head does nothing".

    So get a frickin clue the smart money is running out. They know that you can only get taken in the
    land of the long low hanging stink as all 1.1B
    hate the west and just can't wait to cheat them
    out of anything. Soon stinky land's economic truds
    of running out of suckers to fund imports will hit
    harder then Greece. Then all the paid liers on Coliers' Nonsense News won't be able to con suckers
    into bailing out coliers' land, and the currency will drop another 70%, and figure body oder mkt
    shares will sink even faster. The maoist will unite
    the beggars and it will be 1949 all over again.

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