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  • shortinfygetrich shortinfygetrich Jun 11, 2012 10:08 AM Flag

    body oder mkt down big on moody's downgrade

    As if they clueless immoral longs needed another
    wake up call on just how badly the economy is
    faring in the land of the long low hanging stink
    Moodys is set to cut the credit rating to junk.
    Hey doesn't moodys credit dept headed by that same
    colier that caused helped cause the depression by
    rating sub prime as AAA? Just goes to show it takes
    one to know one is still true.

    So let me make it easy for you as clearly you're
    not the sharpest tool in box.

    Colier's land = new Greece

    And I mean it a very C++/Java way. This will take
    the currency down big time and the shares on the
    stinky mkt, giving well desired losses to all the
    clueless immoral longs.

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    • Injuns very glad that Moody has recognized their potential. Country is known for their ability to recycle junk. In B'lore Junk Bonds are now Collector items. In Assam, they have alredy have Brooke Bonds which they pacakage with Tea.

      They sell those Bonds under 3 labels. Green Brooke Bonds, Yellow Brooke Bond and Red Label Bonds. I believe the U>K assisted them with the paakaging etc . The yellow is the best. You need to get some.!

    • got some names for ya.
      But Musharraf & Zardari already took our American dollars meant for people in land of the long low hanging pork eating stink.
      Now Musharraf living in London with our American dollars and Zardari got houses in Paris with our American dollars.
      What punishment for stealing in Quaran? hand cut off?

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