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  • shortinfygetrich shortinfygetrich Jun 27, 2012 2:12 PM Flag

    stu loan crisis = lack of jobs = caused by coliers

    Yet another reason for deporting all the smellies
    has come up. The student loan crisis which exceededs the value of all credit card debt. I'd say even the financial dis-service industry is starting to thathiring filthy smelly no experience nor talent hindish speaking obl loving west hating tech retarding backward idol worshiping coliers is not in their interests. It's coming down to in order for them to get paid back USA grads need jobs and taking them away from smellies well congress will do that in a NY nano second.

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    • u r right!
      deporting all smellies from USA & holding them back at the paki airport. no more visa for the paki coliers as they coming with body bombs and want to put sharia and destroy USA and make like paki land. They know paki land is no more than jungle where all taliban and OBL live.
      USA shot OBL in paki land!
      and OBL was a big paki smellie!
      Mushy ran away with millions of our American taxpayer dollar to London. A bunch of thieves.

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