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  • bs572 bs572 Aug 3, 2012 1:56 PM Flag

    INFY claims it will be #1 by 2020.

    INFY lowvers will be thrilled to learn that INFY says they will be the No 1 Software Co. by 2020. In this golden age of Cloud computing could it be a pie in the sky.!

    Here in L.A, I heard that with some other nations, the Vedic people being vegetarians willfully refrained from winning any medals at the Olympics. They have been lobbying the IOC for the introduction of Virtual games for vegetarians at the Olympics and have been working hard to acheive that. They hope to have quite a handful of such games including a new one on Mental levitation in a vertical force field guided by cosmic induced neuro science.

    INFY says its Software Engrs are excited about these new virtual games and even hope to win a few Gold medals. Is INFY a BUY at these levels.!

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    • Dave cutler is the chief architect of VMS and after the evil empire hijacked project evergreen which became NT. he has won national metals for his works.

      of course a filthy smelly paid with dope living in a mud hut with 5 dozens relatives using a hand cranked laptop to know of him. your best obl is a great guy Hindi film dope DLR and top caste MBR u have to service yeah but world leading engineer from the developed world not so much.

    • boy, oh boy!

      and why did u have to give away our centuries' old secrets?

      Now there will be a mad dash to India to learn not only the secrets but also the Vedas, etc.
      India will become the envy of the world!!

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      • with hundreds of millions stinking the place up w/o power for days on end ab resisiant deseases violent cops do extrajudical killings at the behest of some corrupt top caste.member and like a.billion beggars believe that some quad headed elphant statue i dont believe any sane western would go anywhere near the land of the long low hanging stink yet be the envie of the world.

        lie = distorted facts.

        as for the rest of the nonsense clearly coliarsys are not clever from it read the visa fraud court records they depend on westerns to do thiet jobs and the must be.payong u pumpers in dope.

    • first off coliarsys is not a software firm they're in the biz of bringing filthy smelly no talent nor experience tech retarding backward idol worshiping west hating obl loving visa fraud cut rate coliars to do jobs that can't really do. one small not even also ran banking package sold in the 3rd world is not the makings of a software firm.

      why don't they make lying an Olympic sport than the coliars would have a chance if the Arabs don't field a team.

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      • I am repeadedly told Vedic people never lie. Using transcendental meditation they are able to distort the warp of time and space so that any fact can appear distorted just like refraction can distort a picture. It is a talent that they have developed over centuries.

        Nearly 800 million of these Vedic people have shown they can live comfortably at less than $2 a day. Even more millions have forgone access to clean drinking water, regular supply of electricity and access to toilets. By preventive control of the mind more than 800 million do not need healthcare. They ensure that their children in the countryside are not corrupted by organised sports or a quest for material enrichment.

        INFY workers claim they are super intelligent and do not require performance incentives. That is why INFY believes the new state of art transcendental programming Software now under development may revolutinize the planet.

        This could well be a distrortion of the facts but then as an observer I must refrain from questioning such clever people.

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