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  • mysticpaste mysticpaste Oct 12, 2012 11:22 PM Flag

    74% Utilisation Rate Excluding trainees

    That means a about 40,000 people are on bench paid money from the company and warming the seats,. Nice Job. On Top of this they are going to hire another 6000 more to warm the benches. Why cant they just use the 40,000 thats being paid.
    So the attrition numbers that they are showing as
    Gross hired = 12000
    Nett hired = 2000
    Total attrtion is 10000.

    Why are they not calling these atttritions as layoffs. I am sure most of these guys who are sent off are being forced to quit as opposing to be laid off.

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    • You're missing the point the land of the long low hanging stink is at economic war with the west,
      coliarsys is expected to hire a bunch smellies try to flog them off to failed mgrs seeking a fast
      buck cost save bonus, or chief #$%$ will send thugs and beat the day lights out the chief coliar.

      You're assuming a western efficient mkt model, there's over a billion beggars just hoping the maoist
      insurgancy takes over more of the land of the long low hanging stink, so they have do major make work projects. This is why we must have managed trade with assian cheaters to ensure balance trade
      and worker and consumer protection. Had we had this in place the financial/euro crisis would never
      have had the hot money from not buying western goods and services to fund junk loans.

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