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  • shortinfygetrich shortinfygetrich Oct 20, 2012 2:20 PM Flag

    she robs from the west to buy books for smellies

    I recently read a story about the one of the wives of coliarsys' founders buying school books for school kids in the land of the long low hanging stink. First off if stink land's tax code worked then rich peps
    would be taxed enough that this wouldn't be needed. Instead they don't tax the rich enough just look at rat tata I guess cause the monkey statue said "they're top caste members don't tax them and never make a higher caste pays for a lower caste. That's not how our corrupt gutter culture works".

    More importantly she robs the west by bringing in no filthy smelly no talent nor experience tech retarding backward idol worshiping hindish speaking obl loving west hating coliars that throw real talent out of work. This type of thing is what caused the current depression, and we see how the emerging mkts lie has failed to fill the hole left by western consumers as face it wake up and see the trade deficits communist crappia isn't using their $4T to buy western goods any time soon, nor is that land of the long low hanging stink.

    Lastly for someone related to the tech industry you'd think she'd be giving them tablets and loading the
    text books like the head of MSTR said will be happening soon. But he also said to buy western software firms as the use of English will tell billions in the 3rd world get access to knowledge in a mobile world. Note like the nobel prizes the absence of members from the land of the long low hanging stink. MIT come up with a $200 hand cranked (cause we all know they can't keep the lights on in stinky land).

    I know this weekend is the annual chance to get quad headed elephant statue back door action for all those corrupt top caste members that bribed the temple enough. But use this as a come back when
    confronted by some dot headed iit grad saying how coliarsys will be the biggest software firm in few yrs as it has transdentile programmers (aren't those just smellies doing dope). Rightly the only cloud in coliars' land is the cloud of filth coming off them.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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