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  • buyinfy buyinfy Dec 23, 2012 10:48 PM Flag

    eddieguer-one question

    Dear Sir,

    In no way am I disrespecting dhesis. Not at all my friend. I am merely stating that goras can sell outsourcing better than Indians can. Bobby mowgli jindal is the true gora Gand kisser. Do you think mowgli jindal can sell outsourcing? I know that Indians make less but is this better than making zero?

    I hold in the highest esteem our great culture and religion.

    I am merely making the point in my recent post that whites don't have the stomach to prosecute or oppose their own race. Even with the recent tragic murder of innocent children by a white murderer, most whites are already calling this #$%$ "mentally imbalanced" and therefore not responsible for his actions. Indians have no problem killing their own if they wrong their own people. Whites cannot do this. That's why child molesters can still give communion, why gunmen are "insane" and not responsible for their own actions, and why Wall Street crooks get off scot free. And it's why all the hatred is directed at Indians for outsourcing jobs. All I am stating is that we should exploit the fact that whites will never blame the white CEO for paying the outsourcer. But they will blame Indians. I am stating that this is a good thing because it creates jobs for our youngsters. That's all.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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