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  • bhakti_vedanta12 bhakti_vedanta12 Dec 12, 2012 4:22 PM Flag

    eddieguer-one question

    You seem to be obsessed with the ghora and like you say, "i already love this guy". Almost all desis will at once conclude that you are a "ghora ghand kisser" and you will even convince all the women in your family to chodo the ghora who "you love so much". You are beyond pathetic. Just hope and pray that the women in your family will remind you that money is not everything and something called "izzat" is of paramount importance to the Indian psyche. Moreover you are kissing his ghand for what? He is going to take the biggest share of the contract and give you peanuts ok. By then you have sold your soul and will not be able to look in the mirror afraid to see a cheap desi pimpo who sold hisself and his women to the ghora.
    Don't believe me? ask any desi working for Indian tech co in USA. they are paid in rupees and which is lower than minimum wage in America. That is why the Americans look down at us desis and think we are too cheap labor when the American pay their IT diploma guys who dont have degree more higher than our desi. And you are so excited about the small peanuts ghora is throwing at you? You should be ashamed of yourself for thinking of ghora in such big terms and putting desi down.

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    • Dear Sir,

      In no way am I disrespecting dhesis. Not at all my friend. I am merely stating that goras can sell outsourcing better than Indians can. Bobby mowgli jindal is the true gora Gand kisser. Do you think mowgli jindal can sell outsourcing? I know that Indians make less but is this better than making zero?

      I hold in the highest esteem our great culture and religion.

      I am merely making the point in my recent post that whites don't have the stomach to prosecute or oppose their own race. Even with the recent tragic murder of innocent children by a white murderer, most whites are already calling this #$%$ "mentally imbalanced" and therefore not responsible for his actions. Indians have no problem killing their own if they wrong their own people. Whites cannot do this. That's why child molesters can still give communion, why gunmen are "insane" and not responsible for their own actions, and why Wall Street crooks get off scot free. And it's why all the hatred is directed at Indians for outsourcing jobs. All I am stating is that we should exploit the fact that whites will never blame the white CEO for paying the outsourcer. But they will blame Indians. I am stating that this is a good thing because it creates jobs for our youngsters. That's all.

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    • So you're freely admitting that filthy smelly no talent nor experience west hating obl loving tech retarding
      backward idol worshiping coliars are violating H1b rules for same pay for same work. This is why
      we need to increase the fine on hiring illegal aliens to $5M with a $50K bounty hunter bonus. Once peps
      know that roping a smelly illegal alien will get them a nice new car or all their credit cards paid off
      then it will be open season on smellies.

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