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  • buyinfy buyinfy Dec 23, 2012 10:23 PM Flag

    Anti outsourcing code

    Anti outsourcing is just a code word used by the less talented whites to show their anti Indian sentiments. Outsourcing is good. It is free market economics and it saves money or else companies wouldn't do it. Would whites allow blacks to be paid more for work that whites can do for less? No! So why should Asians allow a system where whites are paid more for work that can be done cheaper by others? Again anti outsourcing is anti Indian. Nothing less. We need to work harder to expand outsourcing. Period.

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    • Wrong! Coliar sourcing is all about filthy smelly no talent nor experience backward idol worshiping
      tech retarding obl loving west hating commiting visa fraud under cutting mkt wages and dropping their
      work off on overworked developed world staffers, or worse failing to maintain systems. It is very bad
      and only exists for the bribes to and racism of failed mgrs, which it must be out lawed or tax out of existence.

      Fact is the land of the long low hanging stink has replaced iraq in the axis of evil, with it's support for iran and obl.

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