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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Jan 3, 2013 5:52 PM Flag

    Obama: Per Today's Infosys Article in Forbes...

    ... not only does President Obama favor issuing more H-1b visas for foreign workers to compete for jobs in the U.S... but he's also raising taxes on the very Americans who have the most investment capital to invest in new business and industry... and the jobs that would come with them if Obama weren't trying so hard to discourage that investment.

    The only answer Obama has for all this anti-jobs policymaking is to continue deficit spending to extend unemployment benefits year after year.

    We had to be out of our MINDS to have re-elected this POS president...

    ... our of our f.....n MINDS!

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    • Your are pretending to be another of those rich republican dudes isn't it?

      • 2 Replies to bhakti_vedanta12
      • ... that they would rather run the wealth that rich americans have out of the country rather than cultivate it into jobs-producing investments HERE in America.

        Class envy is a horribly destructive thing. It pretty much shoots a country in the foot.


      • POS is putting it lightly. He is astoundingly clueless as to how and why this country survives. The private sector is everything. Take our currancy for example. It is not gold based. It is based on the sweat of the private sector and not any effort made by the public sector. First and formost it is the private sector and its working people that must be given all the attention, all the favors, all the benefits so that the private sector is strong. That in turn will allow public programs. This F-wad thinks the public sector is the engine of this economy. What a total Du-bag! You know what? Give me any private sector working mom (and I don't mean one getting some kind of handout) and put her in as president. Chances are real good she knows how to run a tight ship, balance a budget and get her money's worth out of a nickle. - Did I say Obama is a total du-bag? We he's a total du-bag.

    • very well put. If we deported all the illegal aliens he never would have been re-elected.
      He is a very big racist as are all 3rd world activist. Nothing more then a take down of the
      developed world.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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