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  • hermanmunstercheese48098 hermanmunstercheese48098 Jan 26, 2013 10:29 PM Flag

    shortie - i have job proposition for your

    shortie person,

    I am software engineering based in tamil nadu doing codings via online course. i have wonderful idea. we can collaboration on some very good large sscale projects for multinaitonal clients. my iimpressiionive ideas are as following: There is a bug which is called by many experts at "Y2K". We have wonderufl opportunity to monopolize this using my talltnets and your marketing an communications skillets. Other oppty is with new paradime #$%$ to e-commerces websites. We can sell many supplies and change global world with internets. I am having idea for onlin e bookstores. We can conquer global village with our collaborations!!! People al over globe can pay for books via credit crds and then the mail service will deliver roduct to their doorsteps!! This conceot can change the entire world! ONE MAN HAVING ONE COMPUTTER AND ONE WEBIST ES we can be billionaires to getehr.

    Indians are customized for this new Y2K concepts and deliverable. Please considder my offerings. I anxiously wait for your replies.

    Please deposit funds into my bank account. We can begin to collaboraion NOW!

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    • filthy smelly coliar,

      Unlike like the rest of the your ilke that couldn't get past reading about character data the nice talented and expired developed world programmers used Oracle data type and/or Cluncks that needed to Y2K retrofits.

      A perfectly simple example of why hiring a visa fraud committing 3rd world will just cost you big in the end.

      And besides I'm under strict doc orders to avoid smellies they led to heart attacks, stocks and how knows what
      kinda of ab resistent germs.

      I'd advise sticking to smellies' core competencies cotton shirts you can get a nepal slave girl to make them
      while you do a ton of dupe and hump your elephant statue. Software requires way too much learning and
      independent thought and certainly you know what kinda of trouble with the crooked cops that will get you
      in with the top caste members who like things like they have been for the last 5000 yrs. While maybe not
      when the Brits tried to clean things up and civilize the pl, but we made the loin cloth one to say they were
      racists and then we got lucky when some of their citizens wanted to do dupe and need a cover story about
      Finding enlightenment. Yeah the only enlightenment was stink coming of the streets from a 1B beggards
      that never washed.

      Lastly I only work with other experts and let's get real there are no experts unless you call stealing western experts web sites and reposting them as your own content a skill I guess cause your elephant statue told you
      it was OK.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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