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  • bhakti_vedanta12 bhakti_vedanta12 Feb 4, 2013 4:15 PM Flag

    shortinfygetrich-exposed as a fraudulent & hateful desi

    using so many ids like eddieguer, buyinfy, bjspokanimal, & mysticpaste. The poster should be ashamed and ask the board for forgiveness for abusing us Indian people for so long when he is also an Indian. His posts were vulgar and hurtful and made us Indian people look like the worst community in the world. But he forgot that by saying all those hurtful things he has included his mom & dad and also his sisters and brothers. How can he look at another Indian now without feeling shame? and best is for him to apologize in public. Only then will he get a clear conscience. Read the holy book and you will understand why our Hinduism is so right.

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    • ..This idiot shortinfy is muslim and is a paid INFY basher. He has not changed his tune in years. He has nothing else to do. Have you noticed the times he sends his stupid messages? Many times it is past midnight. I understand he became like this after a few Mullahas raped him......

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    • I know as a filthy smelly no talent nor experience hindish speaking backward idol worshiping west hating obl loving coliar it is impossible to tell the truth so no I'm very insulted you called me dot headed smelly. Not true
      but what from south assia ever is? Non violence? Yeah those protest in delhi really non violent. Democrary?
      try asking the Kashmiries but they would kill you if you tried. Human Rights? Largest slave population on the planet. IT Experts? Right IIT grads wouldn't know what a fibre channel card was if you head them with it over their towel on their head.

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