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  • bhakti_vedanta12 bhakti_vedanta12 Mar 20, 2013 1:27 PM Flag


    is the same COWARDLY Indian dude who does not have the courage to admit that he's from the gutter and hence very jealous of those who are successful in India and abroad. He is the perfect example of the dirtbags who go raping girls. All this anti-Indian vitriolic he is spouting out on this board is because his social status is at the very bottom of Indian society. And he knows that this is the only place where he can vent his true feelings about his abject failure in life.

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    • I am so insulted that you're pushing this lie that I'm a coliar. For like the millionth time I'm not a coliar, don't like coliars and think it would be best if the land of the long low hanging stink was contained. Let the ab
      resistant germs kill em all off I say.

      And hindish speaker vitriolic is an adjective you need a noun to go along with it to make sense
      in English. As in "His vitriolic comments on coliars' land were cheered on by the world community as a protest against the land of the long low hanging stink, after years of suffering caused by their economic warfare against the west".

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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