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  • shortinfygetrich shortinfygetrich Mar 24, 2013 6:34 PM Flag

    Reuters - Smellies promised visa fraud jobs never happened lower profits?

    The story tells the tale that the coliar sourcing biz is trying to break the more profit requires driving a
    big truck into rural areas and rounding up as many smellies as you can pack, running them through
    hindish classes, and having them lie to the visa officer that they have yrs of whatever experience in whatever
    skill the coliar sourcer violated the prevailing wage rules to get a developed world tech that is an expert fired
    so some failed mgr could get a cost save bonus and usually a bribe too. Kinda makes stupid the idea
    of doubling the h1b visas when the biggest consumer is starting to scale back big time.

    This seems to have exposed young smellies to the nasty effects of the assian caused world wide
    depression and they don't like it one bit. Will this turn into action on the ground in terms of the #$%$ loving
    bjp coming back and/or them joining the Maoist insurgency to kill the all the corrupt caste members that
    are benefiting from the switch, only time and the level of violence will tell.

    My own take is that this is spin coliars propaganda and the real story is that demand for smellies
    is way down, as like any parasite it starts killing the host and things go bad for the parasite. I can't
    believe the automation line from experience smellies don't get it, they think if you have to upgrade
    100 db's you needs 25 more filthy smelly no talent nor experience hindish speaking can't read the manual
    backward tech retarding obl loving west hating coliars. When I told them no we can do all of this using
    OEM using one tech just like they do in the dod it was like what's OEM. As I was told the coliar sourcer
    contract is up and they need more revenue to increase profits so they need more smellies. When I said
    they're are much better engineers at the local state college that actually know the tool and speak English
    then I knew the it mgr was getting a kick back from the coliar sourcer.

    So clearly if demand is down profits must follow. Good luck to all the brave shorts.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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