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  • trekyy Apr 26, 2013 10:38 AM Flag

    INFY is a nightmare


    Any thoughts on this stock. Every time I check it I find bloody red. Is there hope for this stock to go up one day. In my day dream I dream there will be a breakeven point so I can get out. I have given up on making any profit. I am 10 % down so far. I appreciate any reply.

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    • redivey Jul 10, 2013 3:52 PM Flag

      this company isnt the best of breed.
      Top management is terrible, i believe a founding father there just resigned yesterday
      no organic growth and Economic slowdown is negative for IT services
      employees of the company aerent happy. you better off salvaging your capital ...down 10% you can get over.
      Down 50% will make a grown man cry

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • redivey Jul 10, 2013 4:03 PM Flag

        the only positive about the stock is the recent short term burst due to the fact that India's currency faced some Rupee depreciation which may save some money in costs while they bill their customers in dollars which all the competitiors got like wipro and cognizant. In the end you better off deploying your capital else where and not getting married to stocks.

    • avb911t May 6, 2013 9:50 AM Flag

      You get what you deserve for trusting a gang raping smelly Hindu run company.

    • the whole biz model is flawed basically get a bunch of filthy smelly hindish speaking backward idol worshiping coliars get them to commit visa fraud by under cutting talented developed world workers and then try to have
      whatever developed world workers do most of the work as they're always on some long vacation back in
      the land of the long low hanging. The things is starting with call centers the public won't take talking to
      some lying hindish speaking coliar, now even the dumpest mgrs get it that throwing your developed world staff out is a formula for going out of biz and once you have the coliar sourcer will try to keep jacking up the rates and increasing the number of smellies.

      The IT industry is moving to cloud & one all encompassing vendor and the coliar sourcers just don't have product and services. Add that those that do like Idots Boneheads ad Morons have declining revenue and the tech industry has seen it;s peak back in the dot con days and short of real innovation like an all fibre option computer with 128 bit cpu and a few PB of memory there;s little reason to buy big. Also a lot of the tasks that they bill out for can be done for next to nothing in some automation tool. If fact if you took away todd or
      other suck gui tools these smellies don't no want to do. In fact I had a colair come out and say that it
      demanded they buy a $12000 license for some gui tool. So in the end there is no cost saving
      and the inflation back in stinky land is driving wages up just like in communist china so what they
      front that they have is getting known they don't have.

      Last but not least only a clueless and deeply immoral investor would have anything to do with an industry
      that causes so much suffering in the developed world. it is fun shorting the likes of lie the chief
      towel/dot head steals nearly every dime, the new managers all but bankrupt the the remaining suckers
      er investors and then the government of the long low hanging stink hits them up for a 50% tax.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • just had the ER dissapointed street but read a few positive articles hold on as I am wont happen over night but good sector IMHO BTW what is with the idiots and the #$%$ posts on this board?

    • Only reason for the recent drop is their resistance to adjust their billing rate to competitions. They do have 10 year long relationship with their core customers. When they decide to lower their fees, they will attract more clients. They are not losing money. But, this is a longer term hold.

      Sentiment: Buy

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