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  • shortinfygetrich shortinfygetrich May 12, 2013 6:57 PM Flag

    SeattleTimes: Student visas holders must go through 2nd check at broader

    Just so not to look prejudge all student visa holders now have to 2ns 2 hr check on crossing as a result
    of boston bombing. So someone from Canada attending UW has to go through this nonesense just because
    the ugilest man in America janet napo can't seem to not be pc.

    Meanwhile further south at seatac the evil empire is streaming filthy smelly tech retarding backward idol
    worshiping west hating obl loving coliars by the plane load, despite the fact the gov admits at least a qtr
    of them have committed visa fraud.

    So ugly get a clue stop hassling nationals helping in the war on terror and start stopping an anti coliar
    fraud program where experts in field would grill the colair on entry in a 2nd anti fraud check something

    Expert: You claim to be a db expert
    Rajit: yes saab, from long back
    Expert: writing note F in English skills....
    Can you explain the concept of materialized views, and how to setup and use them in a db?
    Rajit: I think you funny saab, trying to trick me, you mean material girl like Madonna
    Expert: writing note failed to answer question:

    Dice: Rajit you're being removed for lying to the visa officer

    Of course we would need to shield the expert and officer from whatever ab resistant germs the smelly

    Now that's what we need at the boarder to stop coliar visa fraud and to protect workers.

    Now for all those who this has got their dot or turban out of shape I had a very similar conversation
    with a coliarsys smelly

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