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  • hermanmunstercheese48098 hermanmunstercheese48098 Jul 15, 2013 10:49 PM Flag



    We are holding a private conference to discuss increasing efficiency through outsourcing of IT functions to India and China. The conference is being sponsored by some heavy hitters from Silicon Valley and Wall Street. 80% of the participant are prominent white Americans. Normally I might invite you but you seem to be one of the more primitive rednecks. I doubt if you could contribute anything. It's refreshing to be around whites who believe in capitalism. Not the social conservatives closet commies who don't want a free market. Why can't you be more like the whites who are well educated, refined, and strongly believe in free markets and capitalism? They are very decent people...a pleasure to do business with them. They make tons of money, we make tons of money. It all works beautifully.

    I don't believe in affirmative action. No one should get a special break. Whoever can do the same job for less money should get the work. I know you don't think that a black person should be paid more for a job that a white person can do for less. This is criminal. So, why should whites make more money for a job that can be done cheaper by Indians, Pakistanis, and Chinese? This type of system is equally criminal.

    My only intention is to fight this heinous crime. Can you blame me? In 30 years when salaries equalize, then we may hire you shorty. Until then, there is a huge demand for nursing professionals and you can always start an eBay business. You could also take a class and run a daycare for kids. There is a huge demand for this service. START WORKING AND QUIT COMPLAINING BOY!

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    • And on the affirmative action matter
      1. it's not affirmative action to prefer nationals of one's own nation in employment it's just good public
      2. the land of the long low hanging stink has an affirmative action policy to address discrimination by the
      corrupt top caste members against the untouchable. I'm guessing you come from one those top castes
      some of the nastiest peps on the planet.

      Lastly as for free (really phoney) trade here's what the US chamber of commerce had to say about stinky land.
      "In the manufacturing, agriculture, telecommunications, biopharmaceutical, solar energy, entertainment, semiconductor, and other sectors, many companies face measures that are discriminatory, unfair, and/or inconsistent with international norms.". gee doesn't seem like free trade to me. Let's start by canceling visas
      of smellies and you'll see how fast stinky land stops buying iranian oil and opens mkts.

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      • 1 Reply to shortinfygetrich
      • hermanmunstercheese48098 hermanmunstercheese48098 Jul 25, 2013 3:23 PM Flag

        I'm sorry...when you refer to caste system do you mean the type of system where?:

        1. The top caste gets a bailout that all the lower/medium caste members must pay for.
        2. Where the top caste NEVER gets convicted for any type of crime - killing their own kids, shootings, etc.
        3. Where the high caste aryan christists worship, live, work and associate separately from lower caste black christists?
        4. Where the high caste aryan police force works for the higher caste and can shoot unarmed low caste blacks and get acquitted?
        5. Where a low caste black christist gets 20 years for shooting in the air.
        6. Where a low caste black christist gets 2 years for shooting himself.
        7. Where a high caste aryan christist can do a mass shooting/killing but will get clemency for being "insane".
        8. Where the high caste aryan priests can molest little children and not get prosecuted?

        I am assuming since you are so opposed to any caste systems that you have black neighbors, go to one of those rare churches that permits race mixing, and that you freely associate with lower caste black, brown, and yellow christists on a regular basis.

        Don't get me wrong. I LOVE your high caste because they help me get rich and they help to employ so many Indians. I'm just pointing out your incredible hypocrisy.

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    • Not really interested in attending a conference of failed execs addicted to their bribes from from coliar sourcers and cost save bonus. Hey maybe we should say just have the ceo's there and suggest that they replace the middle level fools with smellies.

      Given the huge drop in wages because of the failed phoney trading system near shoring is booming while
      coliar sourcing is struggling.

      To answer your question developed world techs should be paid more then the 3rd world posers as they have
      many years of experience, excellent tech knowledge and won't steal your ip nor offer your firm's private customer data to aq so they can use it for id theft. They also read and write English not hindish and don't
      require visas (or visa fraud) nor special expensive connections to the 3rd world. Add it up and you
      get more productivity per hour with developed world techs so why deal with filthy smelly backward idol worshiping tech retarding obl loving west hating insect game watching all day. So rest assured I'm working
      hard every day cleaning up the idot designs of smellies that have no idea of how to do real time computing.

      I guess you won't have those arab banks that were recently hit for $50M in that ATM scandal when they coliar sourced. Gee I'd love to know how much they and the gov't of the land of the long low hanging stink are
      paying to keep that story suppressed.

      So it's not free trade when you have as by the gov't own numbers 25% have to commit fraud. I know this is problem for those who as my former communist chinese room mate put it 5000 years of a culture of corruption. Yeah there's noises about cleaning things up in communist china and much less so in the land of the long low hanging stink. That's criminal trade. If you can't get your head around that best stay in your mud hut.

      But you have given me an idea a conference for all those that have seen failed coliar sourcing projects
      that need to get near sourced.

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