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  • shortinfygetrich shortinfygetrich Aug 27, 2013 11:31 PM Flag

    Smellies caught skimming of whoring and drug deals big time

    I've been saying for yrs that smellies are into drugs in a big way, just read Eric Clapton's ex girl friend book
    about the beattles trip there for enlightenment (code for where to buy dope). I had an old ex that traveled the freeways to see her family and would often remark that every cheap motel was monopolized by smellies. Cut
    to today's raid of 400 cops of three dive motels near seatac today to net 22 arrests. News reports suggest the
    smellies were charging an motel entrance fee terrorizing the area with drug dealers and pimps turning their motels into well a local version of the land of the long low hanging stinking all the while living in a 4400 sf taj mac mansion next to tiny houses in a work class section of Seattle. This is what happens when you let smellies in
    the place goes down fast. They're best left in their mud huts being told by some corrupt top caste member
    what to do and think.

    But why have the feds stop here. We know from last yr's court case and gov't stats the coliar sourcing industry
    is big time into visa fraud and abuse. So if you've been a victim of coliar sourcing drop a dime call the crime in
    and watch as 400 cops cart off dozen of filthy smelly hindish speaking backward idol worshiping tech retarding
    obl loving west hating visa fraud committing coliars. I do worry for the cops let's face it these smellies has all kinds of ab resistent germs.

    So Aug not over yet and we have smellies accused of 1 rape and massive number of crimes. I better start checking under my car, given their violent nature murder got to be next.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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