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  • shortinfygetrich shortinfygetrich Oct 13, 2013 10:13 PM Flag

    Coliars behind meltdown

    Seems the foreign firm hired to do site did the old failed mgt trick of taking the cream off the top for exec bonus
    to the point where only water was left so they decided to use their 9500 smellies who it seems couldn't even
    code an add user function. Well to be fair haven't stinky land's insects been doing well in insect games recently and then there was the big obl movie which distracted them from "Java Script for Dummies".

    I think the fallout will continue as the site still isn't working and the deadline is fast approaching to the point
    where as the many trade articles point to "bad design, system arch, not scaled correctly, etc" seem to indicate
    that there's going to be a delay in start of aca to correct all the bad design and coding (e.g. misspelled
    Java Script keywords) errors. There will be a Congressional inquiry where it will be shown the land of the low
    long hanging stink is at the bottom of all the problems, and what's needed is a law banning coliar sourcing
    from gov't, and businesses that pose systemic risk to the smooth running of the economy. I'm sure lots of
    very nice talented and experienced in the health care domain will hired to clean up the mess. As will coliarsys'
    old new .head's plan to go back to hiring the cheapest smilly that can front through the visa interview seen as not the way to go.

    OT Hay seen that Capt Phillips movie? Doesn't the violent 3rd worlders constantly doing dope remind you
    of working with smellies? OK the African Pirates work a lot harder and have more courage. Just loved it when
    the crowd gave an ovation to the naval ship sent to kill the pirates. Nice to see that peps get who that the 3rd
    world is the enemy.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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