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  • eddieguer eddieguer Oct 20, 2013 9:57 PM Flag

    SHORTY - Y2K Business Oppy


    Opportune time has coming to USA using leveraged moddells of low cost Indian talents from Chennai. We have freshers from Madras College of BPO and Scientific Technological Unoiversity in Chennai. Your marketting talents and our high-ly ediucational personnel we can make high'lky margens and i can perform spliiting of incomes and pro-fits with you and your enterprise I have ten years experiences in COBOL. We can levegare the tall-ents of myself and BPO. I am only 25 years old and I have 20 years experience in QA testing, COBOLS, VBA, Oracles DB, and infinitudes of other technologies.

    We can conqueers worlds beyond with our collaborations.

    Please in-dicate your interrests ASAP. Our personnels will be gladly strated immediate manner

    We are doing Y2K since 2010. We have many exp-eriences in this Y2K packages and tech-noligies.

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    • Y2K was 14 yrs ago. I'm guessing that you've been duped up trying to hump your elephant or monkey statue
      during most or all of that time. Not really sure how you're "...doing Y2K since 2010."

      The staff I recommend have many yrs of C++, Oracle internals skills, linux, and avoid evilware.

      Have you tried bff iran?

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • 1 Reply to shortinfygetrich
      • man this is really scary. NDM-1 is a germ resistent to all ab's and of course comes from the land of the long low hanging stink. So they had a story about this guy from Seattle that got it and lost his leg, even after being treated at the best hospital in the NW, not just some HMO run facility chuck full of .dots. And just like the nile virus spread like crazy cuz they don't do health checks on poor thieves seeking to rob the developed world, it's
        spreading from 16 cases last yr to more the double this yr. So the evil one and his empire of evil fires competent
        developed world staff brings in filthy smelly no talent nor experience backward idol worshiping tech retarding
        obl loving west hating ab resistent germ filled coliars just so the failed execs like jabba of redmond can get a cost save bonus. No way this makes any public policy sense, time to contain the coliars just like the jihad junkies.

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