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  • avb911t Oct 29, 2013 10:16 PM Flag

    INFY is a criminal organization...

    Deliberately importing thousands of bogus indian engineers into USA to harm native US engineers and squeeze then out of good paying jobs.

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    • How would you know that they are "bogus indian engineers"? Did they show you certificates from the bogus and fake Univ of Phoenix or was it from ITT Institute? These are in USA and not India. In India there are the world famous Indian Institute of Technology along with many other colleges providing world class science & engineering education which is recognized all over the world. Look at MIT whose Dean of Engineering School is an alumnus of IIT from India. I can also sense a lot of jealousy on your part.

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      • Because this nonsense has been going on for 20+ yrs.

        I personally witness over 5 dozen filthy smelly no talent (500 errors on 150 pb screens) nor experience
        backward idol worshiping tech retarding (wanted to use sybase over Oracle) obl loving west hating
        visa fraud committing (everyone one B visa with out right to work) coliars steal jobs from developed world workers. Every attempt to get competent experienced local developed world staff was rebuffed, with order to interview clearly incompetent smellies that had an interview already scheduled with the visa officer and flight reserved the next day, You get a bunch of corrupt top caste coliars bribing
        via a cost save bonus and a cream cut system that totally ignores laws. Of course the project was
        a complete failure costing over $5M to the HMO that it's members paid for, making visa fraud a non
        victimless crime.

        I've also had the misfortune of working with many IIT grads, who couldn't id a fibre channel
        on a hw dr diagram and who couldn't even explain how a SAN works. So no a ITT grad, Boise
        State EE could cream these guys every time despite what the lie streaming media claims.

        I see a lot of anti west feelings in your spreading this propaganda.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

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