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  • shortinfygetrich shortinfygetrich Nov 2, 2013 11:28 PM Flag

    Saudi Arabia lending the way on cleaning up illegal alien problem

    As much as it pains me to say it Saudi Arabia is winning the war on illegal aliens, as they have only a few hours
    to leave or be fined or jailed. SA has a big domestic unemployment problem preventing it from getting a sustainable development program going, and millions of illegal aliens were a major road block to making that
    happen, just as they are in the developed world.

    So if SA can get millions of smellies to leave in 3 months why not America? They are the lead nationals
    in the group currently among illegal aliens, per the LA Times. So if we want to enforce the rules and protect
    the broader why not tell the smellies time to pack up and level now. Totally disproves the lie that you can't
    deport millions of illegals. Any reading of wiki leaks on the land of the long low hanging stink you will see
    that it is the lead nation in fraud, so let's wake up cancel their H1-b, B-1, etc visas for the fraud and economic
    damage caused. The foreign services workers were sent from other nations to stinky land to learn what type of fraud to look for as it's so pervasive there. So say good bye to you to the millions of smellies and watch the wages and GDP soar.

    I can't say what a pleasure it was working with a nice group of developed world techies last night. No what
    the hell in hindish does that translate into English, no stink or ab resistaint germs to make you sick. just
    sharing experiences and jokes in between long running install steps. I want the old normal back were smellies
    were back in their mud hut villages and the west had one tech advance after another leading to an ever
    increasing standard of living, that was killed by the phoney trading system and open boarders that caused
    911 to happen.

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