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  • johnholmesxyz johnholmesxyz Feb 1, 2014 5:04 PM Flag


    Short Stubbed one,

    Did you hear the GREAT news? The new CEO of MSFT will be an Indian! He is being selected by a board that is mostly white and shareholders who are overwhelmingly white.

    How does this make you feel?

    Do you think that the board should have consulted with you? I also wanted to give you some great news. We hired four new salespeople, all white of course, and they are doing an incredible job. We just attained a book of business valued at $10 million and we are hiring over 2500 smart diligent Indians offshore to do accounting, underwriting, and software development. We could never have achieved it without these nice white people selling to other nice wealthy white people. How does this make you feel? Angry? Frustrated? Sexually inadequate?

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do the whole "smelly obi loving, no talent" monologue! I love your tirades. I miss them. To have Indians insulted by you is the highest compliment. I only wish more whites would post on this board and be as vocal and as primitive as you. That would be even more entertaining :)

    Don't forget to use your primitive id and inbred chromosomes to think up the best tirade. I'll send you some deep fried twinkies as a consolation prize. I'm waiting anxiously.

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    • Hey dirty smelly backward idol worshiping tech retarding no talent nor experience ab resistent germ spreading violent obl loving west hating citizen of #1 racist and slave owning nation, and let's not forget my new fav from Fried Zuchini "it's impossible to tell the truth if you grow up in the land of the long low hanging stink". But what no hindish? No explain me, long back (it's ago for time, and back for dist) and of course you take $30hr including all expenses?

      Ok I know you're going to think I made this up, but I totally expected this move on the evil empire bd. I'm mean #1 user of filthy smelly...H1'bs, and products that no one wants(8th failed os attempt), #$%$ for quality,
      no customer focus, insanely bad rude customer service from again coilers, and ZERO SECURITY (coliers
      like it that way so they can hack your id and fund aq). where the hell else is this guy going to get a job?
      If they had a clue they would have made Dave Cutler CEO as he stole from dec er wrote the os platform
      that is the base of the entire enterprize + xbox. But no once the ford ceo said I'm too old to be vomiting up
      all day from the stink of coliars. And really Evilop lost like what 90% of the stock value, and the platform is
      sinking fast in 4th qtr sales, the evil one said let's make the smelly ceo and I'm sure it was done.

      of course this changes zero the evil empire is doomed now even more so, Why have to pay smellies
      subs each month when you can get linux and openoffice for free. Major firms are already doing this
      to save $. And the consumer does anyone really buy a wintel anything when all the software is on
      android and less extend ios. Didn't SNE decide to 86 the pc division this week on losses?
      last but least can you really see this smelly coming up with something as innovative as the operating
      system in the move HER? Oh wait my bad you only watch movies where the singing sounds like screaming
      cats and the production company is a front for Jihad and the story line is obl gr8t

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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