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  • shortinfygetrich shortinfygetrich Feb 18, 2014 9:52 AM Flag

    bloomberg wall st leave land of the long low haning stink fast as they can

    Seems the smart money has woke up and smelled the stink in the lie of big profits in stinky land, as wall st firms cut staff downsized expectation of big deals. I think they know that the future of stinky land is maoist
    and they now know that big prospects for foreign investors is a fantasy when the real deal is everything is
    controlled by a few rich corrupt top caste members(.e.g. rat tata). The smellies know this well which is why the maoist will win, taking any fdi interests in a win. It's going to be fun watching clueless immoral longs lose their money as it was a couple of yrs ago watch spice co's lie unit not file required income statements get nyse delisted and then told western investor we're only going to trade on the body oder, so smellies get the shares foreign investor not welcome so here's a take under and 65% stinky tax bill. Boy did they get schooled on
    smellies ripe out the race card when developed world limits wholesale imports of cut rate coliars, but have
    no problem with a clearly racist to rob foreign.

    Their insane greed blinded them to the good advise of nice developed world peps that you can't turn your back on a tiger, and they lost nearly all their investment. It's coming to the rest of the coliar sourcing biz which will come 1st maoist take over as backlash to corruption and caste system, or reform that outlaws industry.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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