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  • eddieguer eddieguer Mar 29, 2014 10:04 AM Flag



    We LOVE your tirades. PLEASE do it. We haven't heard it for a while. PLEASE do it.

    Also - some great news! We sold another $3 million in work. All of the work will be done from our service centers in Bangalore and Chennai. Your ni99er kaala President wants to kiss your white #$%$ so he tries to outlaw capitalism by going after offshoring, but it won't work.

    Even better news is that the GOP will take back the Senate. This is the best news I have heard in a long time. Once the Senate turns GOP they will roll back any restrictions and they will protect capitalism. The GOP will also reduce the size of government. Rand Paul is a saint. I love when he said that no one should get in the way of big business and corporations should have the freedom to hire whoever they want wherever they want. This is music to our ears.

    Reduce the size of government
    END ALL AFFIRMATIVE ACTION - SMASH IT INTO A MILLION PIECES. Allow companies to hire wherever in the world they want to to maximize profit.

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    • Gee I would have thought the whole whats app being bought for billions with only developed techies, one even turned down from by a smelly from the same firm that bought them would have silenced you as the elephant idol crashed you for losing face to a western.

      so let's go. I was in this db security course and they made it very clear that if you coliar source the work better data mask all the sensitive data or it will be stolen. When I asked what about production it should never be moved outside of the developed world or your data will be stolen. we all remember the cases were coliar sourcers had data stolen and last year the $45M atm rob using data that could have only come from a smelly working inside the data center in the land of the long low hanging stink. They also made it very clear that there's fines per data stolen, so when your obl loving west hating no experience nor talent idol worshiping backward tech retarding smelly sql injects their customers' data to sell for a dvd player so he can watch his fav movie how obl was a great guy, leaving some customer having the FBI show up asking why their card was used to pay an AQ front. I'm guessing you didn't run these risks just found some idot looking for a cost save bonus check and split before the complaints and suits hit. I'm going with like at the restaurant they only serve local food, or the ever popular "service is 100% North American based" code for you will never have your service call sent to a lying smelly that hates you bc from the west and taking time away from watching some insect game and making it try to speak a language it can't speak,
      the trend is away from coliar sourcing. ABC this week did a whole section on it last weekend.

      As to the GOP, I can only say that kids this is another fine eg of what doing dope will turn you into a dope. Sen. Grassly pushed to send all coliers that worked for bail out babies, Sen Sessions media pep had a great quote that s744 should not be passed USA needs Jobs.

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      • Lastly it is not capitalism when some enemy nation exports its poverty by dumping a few million no experience nor talent cut rate visa fraud committing coliers, does not tax the colier sourcer (but cries like a baby when boeing takes an export tax credit) rips off clueless immoral foreign investors since they don't have a dot on their head. And sets up import barriers to developed world imports and services.

        Nor is it AFFIRMATIVE ACTION to have firms comply with visa and local labor laws. AA would be to have those firms that only hired smellies, lied about skills shortage when the fired experienced developed world staffers, have to replace all those smellies with really experienced and talented local legal workers.

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