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  • billionaire_nextdoor billionaire_nextdoor Oct 26, 1999 11:39 AM Flag

    $$ SIFY lovers, just read this one ...

    before you go any

    With technology changing so rapidly from Phone lines
    to Cables to
    digital wireless cables, all the
    infrastructure expenses
    incurred by ISPs in phone line
    connections may go down the
    drain in days to come. Plus,
    in India Zee-owned Citi cable
    & Hinduja's have a
    stron hold in cable business which will
    erode SIFY's
    chances of making any money, if at all there was

    I am a neutral observer of the ISP business & just
    thought I
    should share my knowledge with

    I am neither Short, nor Long on SIFY !!

    response on this highly appreciated.

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    • Nobody is interested in listening to you because
      thats not what they came here for.

      Though you
      ARE right, not always with sound reasoning, you
      forget that people come to the stock market to make
      money, and so far listening to you they would have lost.
      Not listening to you they won. you may be right in 3
      months time, who cares, all that matters is today. The
      stock market is where either you screw, or get screwed
      ! Trying to lecture on what is correct is hardly
      worth it. What are you trying to prove?

      thanks for pointing it out if your conscience doesnt
      permit you to see others getting whacked ! If people
      want to take the sweet poison, how can you stop it?

    • StocksBondRus - you are risking lot
      of money
      just for 3 - 5 $ gains... woof
      i.e. for only 3% of
      stock price..
      There are lot of people who do
      and don't realize the amount of $ s
      they risk for
      a 3% return.. I have
      known people buying 1000
      shares of
      a $50 stock for 2 point gain..
      lot of the gains people make this way
      are pure
      luck and sort of gambling..
      Most of those people
      end up losing
      money because they become
      after making few of those successful
      trades. But
      loose out when the stock
      take a one shot $10 hit..
      and they
      don't cover or sell.. and keep
      and stock keeps going doing further
      (or up in your
      case when it shot up
      from $158 to $170) and finally
      up loosing..
      Just a note.. I always invest my
      doing some math for expected returns..
      for every
      trade... because past history
      and trades do not mean
      anything since
      they are history..

    • well, the less I say about it, the better. About
      the prices going to infinity. I am sure you made an A
      in Finance 101 but the real world is quite
      I know amzn, i had invested in amzn, amzn was my
      friend and let me tell you, infy is no amzn.

    • I agree in that INFY defies logic and need to be
      careful in shorting it. I usually short and cover it as
      soon as it drops 3 to 5 points. I don't wait for it to
      drop to below 100 (like I was hoping for)...but just
      go for in and out strategy. I am very happy with the
      money I have been making shorting INFY. I was down few
      weeks ago when my avg short price was 158 and stock
      shot up to 170 plus. But now, I have made up for it
      all and then some more by nibbling away on my short

      I don't give a art's ass if INFY goes to 10 or long as it stays volatile. Shorting works fine so
      long as I know that it will drop at least a couple of
      points below my price ...lately, some of the intra day
      swings has allowed to cover for my shorts on the same

    • any stock is...
      by: quantgal 10/30/1999 5:34
      pm EDT
      Msg: 1576 of 1590
      both dangerous to
      short as well as go long. You see you can lose money
      either way. I am just taking advantage of the temporary
      insanity in INFY valuation. Insanity does not last forever
      and when senses come back, we shall see a reasonable
      valuation. Until then I get interest on my short proceeds
      and wait it out.


      Yes both are risky. However the risk is no where near
      the same.

      Say the price is 150 and some have
      Max profit from shorting is when infy
      falls to 0 i.e 150 * 100 = 15000
      Max loss for longs
      = 15000.

      On the flip side ... the max loss
      for shorts
      = 100 * 1000000000000000
      max profits for longs (infinite).

      Should you
      short stocks .....yes, maybe,

      Should you stand front of a rolling, never,

      Fundamentals did not drive DCLK to 200 or
      AMZN to whatever its value pre-split is. Something
      else did. And I am sure lot of C++ programmers bought
      DCLK, AMZN.

      INFY is overvalued? Maybe, maybe
      not. Do me a favor look at many US stocks which trade
      on LSE(London) or BSE(Berlin) and compare the
      valuations, you will realize that the model you are using is
      not necessarily right. The model many are using is
      not right.

      So I shorted a stock
      once....Merill Lynched me!!!

    • I have made over 300K in shorting various stocks
      over last 2 years.

      But this stock (INFY) just
      baffels me, all my analysis, research etc is thrown apart
      in front of this.

      Lost 10K in shorting at 150
      and at 110. If I did not cover at the right time I
      could have lost over 90K.

      Boys & girls dont play
      with this puppy, its too dangerous.

    • I can do better. You are stupid, pointless,
      clueless moron who has his head up his ass and nobody can
      tell the differnce. When you lose your shirt, and
      everything you own (probably not much), you are going to
      play cry baby. You guys are so clueless about
      valuation. I mean how can you justify $10 Bil for this
      company. Just go back to the rathole you creeped up from
      and rejoice in your ignorance while the MMs eat your
      lunch and then eat you alive.
      You are one of the
      biggest idiot.

    • Nice to see some intelligent conversation on the
      board for a change
      Liked your analysis of INFY
      market cap and what it really is - liked your rebuttal
      to QUANTMORON even more - that idiot has been
      ranting from $50 or so - wonder how much he has lost so
      far - thinks he is a genius - but has looked pretty
      stupid so far.

    • Quantgal your valuation analysis is flawed!

      First I don't understand why u comparing
      with ITIG ?

      The only thing he believes (like everyone
      that INFY is overvalued. Lot of agree that it is. But
      it is not guranteed that the it will drop! Only time
      will tell.
      It may drop because of volatility and u
      can make money either ways in volatility . If it can
      go up from 50 to 150 in few days it can also go back
      down in few days.

      Just reminds me of the time
      that people
      kept shorting AOL and were always
      burned out!!
      I can point u to another most heavily
      stock from % point - TALK and has positive
      and very low valuation!! Reason -

    • both dangerous to short as well as go long. You
      see you can lose money either way. I am just taking
      advantage of the temporary insanity in INFY valuation.
      Insanity does not last forever and when senses come back,
      we shall see a reasonable valuation. Until then I
      get interest on my short proceeds and wait it out.

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