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  • surefires surefires Dec 15, 1999 10:06 PM Flag


    I think by your method... my holdings in SIFY are
    free( Since I sold half).
    I know that you also have
    korea, In fact ur entry point is lower than mine. My
    entry was @54. I was actually considering selling today
    if it went below my purchase price, but thank god I
    held on... Did you see the remarks by Lehman, they are
    very good and augurs well for the future of KOREA. I
    hope you are still holding on to Korea.
    My major
    positions are in TRRA,SIFY,KOREA,ESTM... sold my NN for a
    quick profit at 241/2 (3 point gain).

    In my
    earlier post I had requested you to take a look at ORCL,
    now it is way up.... after the earnings report... In
    fact I feel they will announce a split before Dec' 25,
    and it might run upto >150 before end of

    Otherwise that's the latest on this side.....

    • Don't fall in love with any company. We all know
      that INFY has a good track record and that a lot of
      people have gotten richer. We are all fortunate to live
      in the Infosys age.

      At the same time please
      realise that this stock market world tends to magnify
      things. For ex : when the going is good, we tend to look
      at only the good aspects and when the going is bad
      we tend to look at only the bad aspects.

      INFY has been an excellent trendsetter. Don't get me
      wrong, but i am just trying to say that there have been
      a few negative aspects of INFY as well. I am not
      letting you know the positive aspects since we know them
      very well. But also consider the following points.

      1. When the banking automation in India slowed down
      , even INFY experienced negative growth in the
      banking sector .
      2. Around 1995, INFY projected a 40
      % turnover from products in Year 2000. But now that
      they have only 4 % revenue from products they no
      longer speak about what they said in 1995. Ofcourse they
      speak about stuff that they envisioned correctly
      Yantra has never been profitable and INFY cleverly
      reduced stake below 50 %

    • There is 1 simple reason why everyone likes to
      target INFY boards. They know that INFY longs have
      access to good cash because INFY has had a good run.

      Thats the reason you see so many ITIG and NTWK folks
      coming over to INFY board and provide their expertise.

      Don't get me wrong, i have made money on ITIG, INFY ,
      CSCO etc etc. I have lost some money on some stocks

      But if you observe one thing i never say
      BUY this or SELL that. I just discuss some safe

      Don't get personally disturbed by others
      postings. Believe in what you know and most importantly
      maintain your cool. Believe me peace of mind comes before

    • While I think the comparison was a good exercise,
      things did get personal.

      I've never shorted
      INFY... and clearly its ascent bodes well for all Indian
      Two different people can easily have two different
      perceptions of value.


    • I never started this crap first. I resent the
      fact that I fought with those ITIG characters. But
      when I was posting my opinion based on some reasoning(
      right or wrong), those ITIG characters started
      attacking me personally. I kept cool but then they kept on
      doing it. I was pissed off. I know those dudes who
      started ITIG personally. They used work with me in the
      same company for a while. I have stayed away from
      personal attacks as long as I could. I understand no body
      is perfect (Atleast I am not perfect). I am sorry
      that it got so personal. I regret what I have posted.
      Message boards wont make or break companies. sheer
      performance makes or breaks a company.

      One thing I
      fail to understand with those ITIG guys, they keep
      saying INFY can not be valued at its current level. They
      feel like they are wall street gurus. What is good for
      INFY has to be good for any company(including ITIG)
      who is in that business. These guys keep posting
      messages here saying INFY is a sure short and ITIG is a
      sure long. How do you know that ?. They keep saying
      somebody is manipulating it. May be they are or may be
      they are not. May be we dont know something that the
      market knows. Why can not we accept that reason ?.
      Unless proven otherwise. How much investing experience
      these guys have ?. According warren buffett(So called
      Investment Guru), anybody with less than 10 years investing
      experience is an in experienced investor.Either they are
      blinded by their ITIG investment or so in experienced in
      investing. No body makes investment decisions based on
      message boards. If some body does that then he is in
      serious trouble.

      I dont claim that I am a grest
      investor and made some bad investment decisions too.
      Investment is based on emotions,confidence about the
      company(management team), findamentals etc. (IMHO).

      any way ,
      I posted some crap that I should not have. I deeply
      regret that.

      Let us move on


    • Realise 1 thing. Never try to say or post about
      the mistakes that a company made on its message

      There are projects that even Infoscians
      might have not done well on. So why take ITIG or any
      other company. INFY itself might not be perfect in all
      areas although the whole company result has always been
      good thus far.

      Hence do not get irritated as
      much. Do not fall in love with any company.

      Good luck with your investments !

    • Sold some INFY at $287 today ..... again waiting
      for a dip to buy back what i sold.

      Can anyone
      please explain how much profit NTWK is making ? Whats
      the revenue ? Whats the revenue growth ? Whats the
      P/E ?

    • Imust say your bigger bank for the buck is with
      NTWK look at the warrants ntwkw fri up 27% today up
      12% man i will take that every day with listing it`s
      to the moon no hype just fact long on both////

    • i think based on comparable valuations that ntwk could hit 165 near term

    • then keep your eye on ntwk it should be fully listed on nasdaq this week or next-and then it will rise many times more than infy-it is alot easier to go from 14 to 50 then from 280 to 1000.

    • For anyone who is interested, I believe NTWK will
      receive its NASDAQ listing somewhere within the next 2

      Now, whether or not it will streak to the heavens like
      INFY is the question.

      I've requested activation
      of an NTWK message board on Yahoo. Maybe we'll see
      many of you there once NTWK's listing


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