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  • itsgettingdeep itsgettingdeep Sep 13, 2006 6:25 PM Flag

    Can You Spell - BREAKOUT

    DB does not buy companies like KNOT, DB does buy banks and financial companies. DB is an analyst or has an Analyst Dept.; what they did was issue a Buy Rating on KNOT. This tells their clients in their opinion you should buy KNOT.

    BUY ratings can lift a stock, if the stock has good fundamentals, and the market is moving up. Normally you need all three going for you, like a three legged stool.

    I sold close to end of the market day. I think the stock is due for a pull back. Technically, it just went through the Bollinger Bands, it is pulling to far away from its 10 and 20 day moving averages. The psychology of the market is what makes it pull back. You have people who bought and still own at the old high of 21.67, then you have people who bought at 20.70, and again at 20.50. When the stock dropped if they had funds, they doubled down (bought more at a lower price) to lower their overall price. I sense at around 20 they are now positive or very close. So these folks are very leary of this stock going down and burning them a fourth time, they will sell around this level and force the stock down.

    This link of a chart might paste correct or not but check it out:

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    • Check out Mid June, Mid July and NOW Mid September on the Charts. See anything notable? This was a retail short squeeze with some added retail buying pressure. With a $2- $3 gain, you'll see some profit taking. When that occurs, those burned shorts will re-enter and put downward pressure on the stock.

      JMVHO, of course. I think KNOT has found it's range from $17 - $20 which provides an aggressive valuation but not an insane one. Most of you should know that when a house puts overwieght and buy on things, it's time to cash in.

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