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  • berrygeorge51 berrygeorge51 Mar 26, 2011 9:02 PM Flag

    Wait until Tuesday

    The stock will take a real hit on Monday but wait until Tuesday to make any big moves.

    Nothing is going to happen officially until after hours on Monday or before market open on Tuesaday.

    FUQI says "The Company will provide additional disclosure upon receipt of such notice from NASDAQ." (after hours on Monday)

    Why are they waiting ? They will throw you an ambiguous bone or crumb of information and take advantage of your desperation.
    Don't put too much stock into this further disclosure. After all, weren't they suppose to disclose all the information they already had ? Isn't that why they are being delisted in the first place ?
    for holding back information ? Can any further disclosure be trusted ?

    Tuesday will be the high volume day - even more than Monday.

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    • Not sure about Nasdaq but I've seen where the NYSE will either halt the stock from trading until they are delisted or remove them off their exchange immediately (to prevent any one else from buying their shares on their exchange).

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      • for example : TXIC was on NASDAQ

        SEC issued form 6k to TXIC and at the same time released the exact same 6k info to the public in a press release as required by law.

        October 12, th , 2010 - 6K released with info that delisting would be effective pre-market on October 14th, 2010.

        TXIC traded on Nasdaq for the full session om 10/13/2010

        look for the 6 k on monday evening on tuesday morning