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  • fallingknife777 fallingknife777 Jul 3, 2013 5:31 PM Flag

    Rules for revoked stocks

    Link to an article regarding another revoked stock, Hemiwedge Industries, is very interesting. Google search "Hemiwedge revoked thestreet".

    Article says that this stock is revoked by the SEC and "will no longer trade publicly until it becomes current on its SEC reports".

    Article also says that "stockholders will be able to transfer or sell their shares only in exempt transactions that are in compliance with the United States and applicable state securities laws".

    Article also says that if it desires to be registered with the SEC again, Hemiwedge would need to pay the cost of the registration, and provide "audited financial statements for the previous two years". It would not be required to provide statements older than two years.

    So if FUQI did this, they might only need to provide audited statements going back to 2011.

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