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  • dirtybirdshot dirtybirdshot Oct 23, 2003 8:02 PM Flag

    The reality of it all, no trends, no..

    Speculation..All of this inane jibberish is an embarrassment. All of the shorts, trends, MM's great speeches, cut and pasting of drivel mainly makes for painful reading.

    How about some reality? Oh right, there is no realistic value when the poster child is not even in the business. I especially like the request for Rowland to find the real information, because search engines just don't cut it..uh, yeah..

    I find it curious that 90% of the recent posters have that same damned trouble starting sentences with capital letters. However, for some morbid reason ehe bird flies over the board to install some realistic facts that reflect that yes, there are some of us that actually work in this business that are willing to share realistic events and happenings, and of course, some insight and viewpoints on issues that plague our business. That's the waste collection and disposal business, people..not the NYSE.

    Well, didn't mean to interrupt your disjointed thoughts that inaccurately convey hot topics such as the 1.37 million dollar fine that had absolutely nothing to do with previous ownership of that PA landfill, or the up coming multi-million dollar investment in two worthless assets in Northern VA (that's a bit north of the James River) that will be announced in oh, two weeks or so, or the Chicago Market place that will soon house a huge investment in a business model that ultimately will fizzle out. Yep, the word in the waste collection and disposal business is that WMI is not very healthy and judging from the representation on this board, who could argue the point?

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    • Birdbrain talk about calling the keddle black, pleeeeese dickweed give it a rest before you get unmasked before the world, bfi what a blue pos

    • Hey dirty bird, Im going to a wedding tonight, when they do the toast Im going to drink it to that last post. You nailed it better than any in many moons on this board.
      Reality in Rowlands world must really suck aye?
      Reality Rowland................Reality.

      \Re*al"i*ty\, n.; pl. Realities. [Cf. F. r['e]alit['e], LL. realitas. See 3d Real. and cf. 2d Realty.] 1. The state or quality of being real; actual being or existence of anything, in distinction from mere appearance; fact.

      A man fancies that he understands a critic, when in reality he does not comprehend his meaning. --Addison.

      2. That which is real; an actual existence; that which is not imagination, fiction, or pretense; that which has objective existence, and is not merely an idea.

      And to realities yield all her shows. --Milton.

      My neck may be an idea to you, but it is reality to me. --Beattie.

      3. [See 1st Realty, 2.] Loyalty; devotion. [Obs.]

      To express our reality to the emperor. --Fuller.

      4. (Law) See 2d Realty, 2.

    • Dirtybird:

      I've got just two words for you: "Hear, hear".

      Oh, wait - turns out I've got some more:

      You're right - So much time is spent talking about, golly, what a fine management team is in place, and how, golly, they're so high-minded and proper, and, golly, General Powell would approve, and, golly, Mr. Myers is a genius who's hired nothing but geniuses to work for him.

      Without commenting on the truth or lack thereof in the "gollies" above, no time is spent on the fact that some of them largely absent, having checked out months ago, knowing that the hammer is coming down soon. You can't juke reality forever, and WM is no exception. The roosters are on their way back to their roosts in Capistrano, if you'll allow me to mangle a couple metaphors.

      And NO time is spent talking about the business itself, aside from the heart rending stories about how great it feels to be "part of a team" (a year or so ago?) on the back of a truck.

      In short, with very few exceptions, none of the discussion matters a whit to the future prospects of WM, nor to the future impact of poor decision making and incredibly poor capital investment choices over the past several years. Oh, yeah - every once in a while, someone will trot out a story of a grievous wrong somewhere that was allegedly righted, but the slurping of Kool-Aid is what I seem to see more than anything else here.

      If Clara Peller were still alive, she'd say "Where's the beef?". And I'd tell her, that's it, over there in the corner, putrescing, with the flies all over it.

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