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  • petrdeep petrdeep Aug 4, 2011 9:14 PM Flag

    WM vs. VE

    I recently started buying into WM (unfortunatly) @33. And have been picking up more on the way down. I like dividends and I like garbage removal. I wanted Veolia but thought being an ADR the foreign taxes would slow down my dividend reinvesting strategy. Anyway what worries me is this. From what I see personally around my city Veolia trucks and dumpsters almost always look SUPER F-ing clean, like brand new washed and waxed clean. And the few WM trucks and dumpters I see look dirty and beat down. I was wondering if anone else sees this as a potential image problem and what you may think about it?

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    • It is ironic that you posted about WM trucks and dumpsters being dirty, because in my "neck of the woods" I see just the opposite. Just about every WM truck and dumpster I see is shiny and the point where I acutally take notice. I read a few posts about WM charging too much as compared to other trash collection companies, yet I see more and more municipalities contracting with WM because they just can't compete economically. WM is also in several other business, such as landfill ownership, trash-to-steam cogeneration, and recycling, so I think they have a good corner on the market. No matter what the economy does, people will always have trash and a need to get rid of it. Just my observations...

    • I just got into WM and hope to God it was a better decision than my purchase of VE close to 10 years ago. If memory serves; I seem to recall spending well into the $50.00 / share range for VE. What is it today? $18.00??

      Worst stock choice I have ever made. Perhaps all those shiny new garbage trucks are the reason? More interested in pizazz than the bottom line?

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