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  • insect_insight insect_insight Oct 23, 2012 11:21 PM Flag

    Doltsman Rose and MCP longs are losers and failures, period.


    Its nothing more than pissant little dying sad excuse for an "investment" bank filled with losers and lamebrains and their #$%$ upgrade of this MCP penny junk was IGNORED by smarter pros today, as always happens to DYING BEAR market penny junk.

    In fact, I don't care which Wall Street welfare recipient posing as an "investment bank" upgrades these DYING rare matters not whether it's Goldmuck Sucks, JP Mutton, Morgan Stupidity, etc...... because they would be WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG. No inherited-money--ivy-league--imbecile who works at his daddy's feet on Wall Street is going to tell me that these sick rare earth doggies have any notable upside potential, given the following REALITIES:

    1. Rare earth prices have collapsed and will not resume any significant upward path for many years to come.
    2. China will NEVER NEVER curtail rare earth exports to any degree since they are nothing more than a third world country posing as first world country and are far too dependent upon USA commerce to risk any kind of trade war with the USA.....and that means there is NO reason to operate a single rare earth mine outside of China, repeat, NOT a single one.
    3. Rare earth managements are self-serving no-talent incompetents who are nothing more than slimeball stock traders and who have repeatedly screwed their own shareholders, best exemplified by their covert sales of BILLIONS of dollars of stock, almost their ENTIRE POSITIONS in their rotten puke companies, achieved at all time highs to the detriment of amateur suckers, and they wouldn't know how to generate a nickel of profits or create REAL shareholder value if a gun were placed against their collective empty heads.
    4. The commodity superbubble is now dead and buried, and for those amateurs who don't happen to know, the rare earths are nothing more than commodities, there is nothing "rare" or special about any of them.

    You see, bagholders, I do my own homework, and I have what is known as intellectual superiority, no need to wear some hot air ivy league nonsense degree... and most importantly, I've got balls of steel on top of all that.....and that is the only way you become successful trading stocks, you sure as hell don't obtain success following the idiot upgrades of Doltsman Rose and their laughable ilk.

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