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  • insect_insight insect_insight Dec 10, 2012 4:32 PM Flag

    pathetic rare earth juniors FAILED again to confirm OBVIOUS PHONY MCP upmove


    ladies, since the stock market is nothing more than a FUTURE barometer, typically affording the most aggressive valuations to those stocks with greatest FUTURE potential, therefore in all GENUINE BULL sectors, the juniors ALWAYS ALWAYS outperform the seniors in percentage terms through most of the bull market.

    But the DYING rare earth juniors ALL STRUGGLED for PUNY PENNIES gains today, and most experienced reversals into the market close, thus PROVING once again that the MCP burp today, contrived by the slimy funds, happened to be PHONY PHONY PHONY and entirely UNSUSTAINABLE. No doubt many slimy funds continued their FINAL distributions of MCP penny junk stock to the usual gang of dumb AMATEUR dupes, plus those DUMB FUNDS that exist outside the inner circle of wall street funds.

    Ladies, in any genuine sectoral bull uptrend, you do NOT see stocks HUFF and PUFF to gain a mere NINE or TEN pennies.....that is IMPOSSIBLE!

    Ladies, this MCP joke will soon topple back into the toilet where it belongs, along with ALL other rare earths, and SMARTER SHORTS merely made MASSIVE INCREASES in those SHORTS today, while happily WRITING even more ultimately WORTHLESS rare earth call options.

    Ladies, live and learn from your intellectual superiors.....Live and LEARN!!!!!

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