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  • insect_insight insect_insight Jan 11, 2013 9:29 AM Flag

    Why it makes NO sense to invest in rare earths and other sectors


    Under the influence of a new girl who sharply scolded me last night for my cold blunt manner of confronting the foolish and the badly educated, I will state the following in the most polite way possible.

    What has always bothered me most in life are people who can never learn from history and past mistakes. That infuriates and enrages me.

    If a company presents BAD news 95% of the time, especially in a contrived surprise manner designed to hurt as many of its shareholders as possible, then that is a company that does not deserve a single dollar of investment from any retail spec. That anybody would continue to invest in such a relentless disappointment is the height of masochism and makes no sense.

    I feel the same way about other sectors too, particularly golds and silvers that continually disappoint their shareholders, and rarely provide any kind of upside surprise, only a steady stream of bad news, mostly to the benefit of gold and silver execs, always to the detriment of their shareholders.

    Another sector that frankly does not merit a single dollar of retail investment is the FINANCIAL sector, because no matter how high their stocks rise..... pumped relentlessly by their Big Media DISINFO shills....supported artificially by their obedient puppets in washington (do people remember how the corrupt former Treasury Sec Paulson placed a self-serving ban on short selling financials in 2008, under the phony pretext of preventing a national crisis, without any such ban being extended to other market sectors???)....and only rising because the financial players control the entire stock market casino, you can be absolutely certain that the rug will be pulled out from them once the insiders have finished distributing their preposterously overpriced stocks to the retail bagholders. To that effect, should a genuine independent, free of wall street influence, ever return to head the Treasury (and Lew sure as hell AINT the one!) , then the FINANCIALS should rightfully be CRASHING today far worse than the rare earths, golds, and silvers. Without a shill in the Treasury to provide emergency support whenever the low IQ types who manage the FINANCIALS make one idiot investment blunder after another, then there is not a major FINANCIAL stock today that merits valuation exceeding 10% of current market value.

    Anyway, I digress.

    For those who continue to believe rare earths will return to 52 week highs, the technicals indicate that is impossible. For those who continue to believe rare earths can return to all time hihgs, the technicals indicate that is BEYOND impossible.

    On the day such technically IMPOSSIBLE events were to manifest, I would accept I am BADLY wrong and disappear from these rare earth message boards, in a heartbeat. However, that is as likely as seeing the Sun rise in the West.....absolutely IMPOSSIBLE.

    In conclusion, people have every right to repeat foolish erroneous strategies of the past -- but they best excuse those who simply find it beyond infuriating to see fools "continue to walk in front of speeding traffic," speaking metaphorically, without being capable of learning that they will ALWAYS be left bloody and wounded, no matter how many times they are able to repeat that irrational action.

    Thank you.

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