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  • insect_insight insect_insight Jan 23, 2013 4:11 PM Flag

    MASSIVE imbalance of MCP FEB calls vs. puts GUARANTEES MCP penny junk CRASH


    Oh, ladies, just how many times did I WARN WARN WARN WARN WARN you to AVOID and/or SHORT and/or PUT these DYING rare earths???

    Just how many times did I point out that the rare earth call options have WIPED OUT WORTHLESS, month after month, for more than a year now in what is an OBVIOUS CONFIRMED BEAR market trading pattern?????

    Yet the same AMATEUR SUCKERS and FAILURES and MASOCHISTS just keep coming back for more, happy to donate ALL their $$$$ to SMARTER SHORTS, and they do so like brain dead idiots....month after month after month.

    Ladies, turn on your SLOW this SMART thread of mine and LEARN that there is NO pro in the world who ever buys a single call options in penny junk stocks like MCP.....they ONLY WRITE them....and learn that the only derivatives investment strategy utilized by SMARTER pros involves either purchasing safe IN THE MONEY PUT positions and/or WRITING safe out of the money call positions.

    Ladies, when will you ever learn from your intellectual superiors (and I am not talking about the DISINFO shills like Old Baldie, aka Cramer, working for slimy funds and slimy investment houses like Goldmutt or Morgan Stinkley, who deceptively placed preposterously high price targets for this MCP joke)...instead I am speaking of genuinely SMART intellectually superior traders like me who have proven without doubt this past year just how absolutely CORRECT their rare earth warnings happen to be!!!

    This topic is deleted.
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